2017 November

Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association

Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association or IEOSA is an association that represents several seed companies throughout Idaho and Eastern Oregon. The association operates with the mission to promote the seed industry in the region, educate the general public about the industry, and work on government and regulatory issues that affect our industry. Allied Seed is a member of this association and currently has a sitting position on the IEOSA’s board of directors. Just this last year in an effort to promote and educate, the IEOSA put together a video about the seed industry in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Please follow the link below to view the video. Feel free to explore the IEOSA website for crop specific videos and more information about the IEOSA.


2017 August

SHIPPING ALERT: Total Eclipse of the Sun – August 21, 2017

The eclipse will cause the biggest traffic event in Oregon history with 1 million people expected to flood the state. Our Albany, Oregon facility sits directly in the path of totality. Click here to read more about how this will affect our shipping.