Piedmont Turf Tall Fescue

  • Superior Dark Green Color
  • Fine Leaf Blade
  • Excellent Disease Resistance
  • Improved Drought Tolerance
  • Improved Heat Tolerance

Piedmont is a very dark green, fine textured premium turfgrass that is well adapted to full sun, partial shade, heat, drought and high humidity. Piedmont is ideal for all areas where a low maintenance turfgrass is required.

Entered into the latest National Trials (NTEP), Piedmont has performed well in every region of the country, including the Northeast, the Transition Zone and the Southeast.

Piedmont’s extensive development included the screening and selection of germplasm at research locations along the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern seaboard.

With a broad genetic diversity, Piedmont has excellent disease resistance to brown patch, rust, net blotch and pythium plus the ability to adapt to a wide range of climactic conditions.

Ratings of Tall Fescue Cultivars
College Park, MD 2004 Data
2nd Millennium 6.6
Davinci 6.4
Rembrandt 6.3
Piedmont (MRF 27) 6.2
Barrera 6.1
Quest 6.1
Olympic Gold 5.8
Titan LTD 5.8
Rebel Sentry 5.7
LSD Value 0.5


Ratings of Tall Fescue Cultivars
Griffin, GA 2004 Data
Tar Heel 6.3
Millennium 6.1
Piedmont (MRF 27) 6.0
Rembrandt 6.0
Barlexas 5.9
Rebel Sentry 5.8
Raptor 5.8
Falcon II 5.7
Titan LTD 5.7
LSD Value 0.4

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