FSG639ST Alfalfa

  • Produces quality forage under slightly saline water and soil conditions
  • Outstanding forage production
  • Fine stemmed, excellent forage quality
  • Spring frost tolerance
  • High resistance to stem and northern root knot nematodes

FSG 639ST alfalfa was selected from an alfalfa salt screening and selection test conducted by the University of Arizona at Tucson evaluating hay quality production under slightly saline water and soil conditions. FSG 639ST is adapted to the Southwest, moderately winterhardy Intermountain Region and the Great Plains. FSG 639ST produces quality, fine stemmed hay and tolerates variable soil types due to its adaptable branching and tap root system. Turn to FSG 639ST when you want yield, quick growth and quality hay.

Bacterial WiltHighly Resistant (HR)5*
Fusarium WiltHighly Resistant (HR)5*
Verticillium WiltResistant (R)4*
Anthracnose-Race 1Highly Resistant (HR)4*
Phytophthora Root RotHighly Resistant (HR)5*
Aphanomyces-Race 1Moderatly Resistant (MR)3*
Wisconsin Disease Index26 out of 30
Pea AphidResistant (R)
Stem NematodeHighly Resistant (HR)
N. Root Knot NematodeHighly Resistant (HR)
S. Root Knot NematodeResistant (R)

*Based on the Wisconsin Disease Rating Index. This is a 1 to 5 ranking with 5 being the best.

Fall Dormancy6.0 (Semi-dormant)
Winter Survival3.0 (Good)
Saline SoilsTolerant*
Root TypeTap and Branch
Recovery After CuttingVery Fast

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