Signature Alfalfa

  • Very high forage yield potential
  • Superior forage quality
  • High multifoliate leaf expression
  • Excellent winterhardiness and persistence
  • 35 out of 35 on the Wisconsin DRI

Signature raises the alfalfa performance bar another notch higher with excellent yield potential, quality, persistence and a great disease/insect resistance package. Signature is well adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions throughout the United States and Canada, wherever Fall Dormancy 3 and 4 varieties are planted. Whether it’s for intensive cutting management schedules or more traditional harvest management, Signature is the top choice for commercial hay, beef and dairy producers.

Bacterial WiltHighly Resistant (HR)5*
Fusarium WiltHighly Resistant (HR)5*
Verticillium WiltHighly Resistant (HR)5*
Anthracnose-Race 1Highly Resistant (HR)5*
Phytophthora Root RotHighly Resistant (HR)5*
Aphanomyces-Race 1Highly Resistant (HR)5*
Aphanomyces-Race 2Highly Resistant (HR)5*
Wisconsin DRI35 out of 35
Pea AphidResistant (R)
Spotted Alfalfa AphidResistant (R)
Stem NematodeHighly Resistant (HR)
Fall Dormancy4.0
Winter Survival2.0 (Very Good)
Root TypeTap
Recovery After CuttingVery Fast


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