Athena Winter Rape

Athena winter rape was selected for yield, lodging resistance and resistance to Sclerotinia white mold.  Rapid emergence is a key characteristic of Athena making it ideal for late summer, early fall seeding.  While Athena is slightly taller than the common Dwarf Essex rape, resistance to lodging keeps Athena upright throughout the growing season.  Athena is highly palatable for grazing animals and, like most winter rapes, maintains excellent forage quality into the winter.

Planting Rate:April-August (April-June; Mid July-August)
Planting Depth:1/4-1/2 inch
Approximate Seeds per Pound:145,000
Planting Rate in Pure Stand:5-8 pounds per acre
Planting Rate in Mixture:4 – 6 pounds per acre
Fertilizer:Apply 50 pounds N at seeding; P & K according to soil test
pH:Minimum 5.5