FSG Product Guide

41 f a r m s c i e n c e g e n e t i c s GREENGRAZER V HYBRID SORGHUM-SUDANGRASS  • Small seeded and thin stemmed type • Dark green color with Green Top trait • Anthracnose and Downy Mildew resistant Greengrazer V is a small-seeded three way cross with thin stems that are highly palatable. Regrowth after cutting is very fast. Greengrazer V is a dark green color and also possesses the Green Top trait, which allows for further extension of the plant. Planting Greengrazer V, at higher populations per acre, will result in a finer stemmed forage. Finer stems will allow the forage to dry faster for higher quality hay than is possible with thick stemmed types. For grazing, wait until plants are 18”-36” tall. Remove cattle when plant height has been grazed down to 8”. FSG 118 BMR6 HYBRID FORAGE SORGHUM  • Significantly lower stem lignin concentration • Improved digestibility & palatability equals milk production of rations with corn • Requires 1/3 less water than corn for same production • Male sterile hybrid • Dry stalk gene improves harvest timing • 75 day harvest maturity FSG 118 BMR6 is a brown midrib, male sterile hybrid forage sorghum that reaches harvest maturity approximately 75 days from planting. Because the lignin content of the stalk has been dramatically reduced, digestibility improves by 35% over conventional forage sorghums. FSG 118 BMR6 forage sorghum, with this improvement in digestibility and palatability, can equal the milk production of rations with corn. Plant at the recommended rates for your area and harvest timely for optimum yield and quality. The water requirement for FSG 118 BMR6 is 1/3 less than would be required to produce an equivalent amount of corn. Because FSG 118 BMR6 is a male sterile hybrid, volunteer growth is not an issue provided there is adequate isolation from pollen fertile sorghums.