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The Conservation Science Genetics® product line addresses cover crop needs of growers throughout the United States and Canada utilizing premium components and mixtures to maximize cover crop benefits. Cover crops can be an important part of every crop management program. There are several benefits to utilizing cover crops:

  • Improvement in soil tilth with the corresponding reduction in soil compaction, water infiltration, organic matter and an increase in beneficial soil organisms.

  • Reduced soil erosion from wind or water.

  • Improved soil fertility from adding nitrogen fixed by legumes.

  • Recycling excess nitrogen using non legume species.

  • Recycling other nutrients like phosphorous and potassium and reducing nutrient leaching.

  • Suppression of weeds by the soil shading and added competition provided by a cover crop.

  • Breaking disease and pest cycles.

Choose the Conservation Science Genetics® component or mixture that meets your cover crop needs and reap the benefits of good management utilizing superior products.