Seven Top Turnip

Seven Top Turnips are extremely hardy and produce leafy, high quality forage. They will reach maturity in 45-65 days with 12-25” leaves and can be grown on a variety of different soil types and are high in protein.  Seven top does not grow a bulb.  All the plants energy is focused on producing high quality graze-able forage.  Seven Top is an excellent choice to use in a variety of mixtures.

Planting Rate:April-August (April-June; Mid July-August)
Planting Depth:1/4-1/2 inch
Approximate Seeds per Pound:220,000
Planting Rate in Pure Stand:2-5 pounds per acre
Planting Rate in Mixture:1-2 pounds per acre
Fertilizer:Apply 50 pounds N at seeding; P & K according to soil test
pH:Minimum 5.5