American Purple Top Swede is a biennial with leaves that are thick, smooth and have a bluish color.  The leaves emerge from the crown in a broad, low spreading growth habit which inhibits weed growth.  Plants can be grazed or green-chopped 150 to 180 days after planting (approximately 12 inches high) and can provide forage late into the fall.  Leaves maintain their feed value after repeated frosts.

Planting Rate: May-June
Planting Depth: 1/4-1/2 inch
Approximate Seeds per Pound: 200,000
Planting Rate in Pure Stand: 1.5-2 pounds per acre
Planting Rate in Mixture: 1 pound per acre
Fertilizer: Apply 75 pounds N at seeding and an additional 70 pounds after 60 to 80 days: P & K according to soil test
pH: Minimum 5.5