• High resistance to common root knot nematode species
  • Early, nondormant
  • High forage yields
  • Ideal for pastures
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Excellent leaf disease resistance
  • Resistant to powdery mildew
  • High nitrogen fixation reduces fertilizer requirements
  • Adapted throughout Florida and the southern U.S.

Southern Belle Red Clover is a unique new early non-dormant variety developed for Florida and the southern U.S. Southern Belle has the highest root knot nematode resistance of any commercial red clover variety available and was selected for its superior seasonal performance. This high quality red clover outperforms northern developed varieties in the lower south and can be grazed in late winter and early spring or used for hay. In Florida, Southern Belle is primarily used as a winter annual and will reseed itself under proper late spring management. Southern Belle should be planted at a rate of 10-15lbs/acre from Sept. 1-Nov. 15 depending on location. Seeding rate may be reduced by one third if planted with a cool season annual such as ryegrass or crimson clover. Southern Belle is also excellent for overseeding bermudagrass.

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