FSG 425 Hybrid Grain Sorghum

(Sorghum bicolor)

  • Outstanding yield performance
  • Very wide area of adaptability
  • Great agronomic package

FSG 425 is widely adapted from north to south across various soil types and environmental conditions. Good emergence and early vigor help FSG 425 get off to a fast start, while unmatched stress tolerance allows for dependable yield performance under adverse conditions. If you need a medium maturity hybrid with high yield potential, FSG 425 is the variety to ask for.


Disease/Insect/Nematode Ratings:
Downy Mildew:1
Head Smut:1
Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus:1
Greenbug Biotypes Resistance:C&E


Agronomic Traits:
Yield Potential:1
Early Vigor:2
Stress Tolerance:1

Ratings:1=Excellent 5=Poor

NR: Not Rated, Insufficient Field Data

Planting Recommendations:
We strongly recommend you follow the accepted agronomic and cultural practices for grain sorghum production in your growing region.
Average Seeds Per Pound:16,000
Grain Sorghum Bag Weight:50lb.


Adaptation Recommendations:
Relative Maturity:Medium
Days to Midbloom:62-65


Plant Profile:
Grain Color:Red
Test Weight:Very Good
Plant Height:45-50”
Stalk Quality:Very Good
Root Strength:Very Good
Head Type:Semi-Open
Head Exertion:Excellent

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