Blizzard Orchardgrass

  • Superior winter survival
  • Improved stand persistence
  • Stem rust resistant
  • Great forage yield potential
  • Excellent seedling and plant vigor
  • Widely adapted

Blizzard is a medium-late maturing orchardgrass variety developed from plants selected from a three year old winter survival nursery in Neapolis, Alberta Canada. It is similar in plant structure and color to Benchmark Plus and Haymate, while darker green in color than Okay. Blizzard is similar in winter survival ratings to Kay and Killarney.

Selected for superior winter survival with improved stem rust resistance and high forage yield potential, Blizzard is widely adapted throughout the United States and Canada. Whether used for grazing, hay production or in mixes, the agronomic advantages of Blizzard make this a highly desirable variety.

Winter Survival Ratings Rosebank, MB


*Rating: 1 = no winter injury; 5 = dead; planted 2009, rated 2011


Performance Data – Forage Yield

           North         PNW         Total
vs. Okay9610699
vs. Killarney858987
vs. Kootenay768581

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