2023 January 25th

GROWMARK has acquired sole ownership of Allied Seed, LLC

Today, GROWMARK announced the acquisition of the remaining shares of Allied Seed, LLC from GreenPoint Ag, in a transaction that will result in GROWMARK becoming the sole owner of the company.

Allied Seed is a recognized leader in the production and distribution of high-quality forage, turf, and cover crop seeds and is a key supplier to the GROWMARK System. The acquisition of the remaining stake in Allied Seed supports our overall growth and supply strategies and positions us well to meet the increasing demand for cover crops as part of a comprehensive on-farm sustainability strategy.

Cover crops were planted on an estimated 20 million acres in the U.S. in 2020, according to the University of Missouri Center for Regenerative Agriculture. This number is expected to increase to approximately 30 million acres by 2030 under a new U.S. Department of Agriculture conservation program.

Allied Seed was started in 2000 and has facilities located in Nampa, ID, Albany, OR, and Worland, WY. The processing plants are located in primary production areas for forage grass, legume, and turfgrass seed where the company contracts more than 25,000 acres of seed production.

The entity will continue to operate as Allied Seed, LLC.

2020 January

AMS Code Designation

Click here to learn what an AMS number is, who should use it, and other information.

2018 January

Idaho Alfalfa Seed Production

In the spring of 2017 the Idaho Alfalfa and Clover Seed Commission with cooperation from the Idaho Alfalfa Seed Growers Association commissioned the making of a video that would promote and educate the public of how alfalfa seed is produced. The message that the commission and association wanted to convey is the good stewardship practices used, and the need for the use of pesticides to produce high quality alfalfa seed for our customers. Over the summer of 2017 the video was produced with the help of local growers including growers that grow for Allied Seed LLC. The result is the video in the link below. Please take a look. We hope you enjoy it.


2018 Freight Challenges

What is going on with Freight? Why are my costs so high? Why can’t I get a truck when I want one? Is this ever going to end? These are just a few of the questions we have been hearing over the past year and so we explored some of the reasons behind the current trucking issues and what we should expect for the coming year. Click here to read more.

2017 November

Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association

Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association or IEOSA is an association that represents several seed companies throughout Idaho and Eastern Oregon. The association operates with the mission to promote the seed industry in the region, educate the general public about the industry, and work on government and regulatory issues that affect our industry. Allied Seed is a member of this association and currently has a sitting position on the IEOSA’s board of directors. Just this last year in an effort to promote and educate, the IEOSA put together a video about the seed industry in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Please follow the link below to view the video. Feel free to explore the IEOSA website for crop specific videos and more information about the IEOSA.


2017 August

SHIPPING ALERT: Total Eclipse of the Sun – August 21, 2017

The eclipse will cause the biggest traffic event in Oregon history with 1 million people expected to flood the state. Our Albany, Oregon facility sits directly in the path of totality. Click here to read more about how this will affect our shipping.