• Allied SeedVery high yielding
  • Fast germination & establishment
  • Vigorous regrowth
  • Palatable & nutritious
  • Minimizes summer slump

Gain is a vigorous, high yielding festulolium (meadow fescue x Italian ryegrass) which is ideally suited for silage and pasture production from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Northeast states. Gain has a leafy growth habit producing forage that is highly palatable and digestable. Gain is a great choice when you need a fast-starting, high forage-quality grass for silage or pasture, either mixed with legumes or as a pure stand.

Pure stand seeding rates are from 25 to 45 lbs per acre. Seeding rates in mixtures are from 8 to 20 lbs per acre. A seeding rate of 5 to 7 lbs per acre may be used as a companion crop for establishing alfalfa, reed canarygrass, or other slower starting species to provide faster ground cover plus additional quality forage during the first year or two after seeding. Festuloliums are best adapted to soils with higher organic matter content and moisture levels. Their yields are responsive to nitrogen fertility rates.

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