• Grass Seed CompanySuperior yield
  • Excellent palatability
  • High protein for maximum milk production
  • Non-toxic endophyte fescue provides maximum performance and eliminates concerns about animal health
  • Strong persistence and re-growth that withstands grazing pressure
  • Excellent drought tolerance and winterhardinessl Resists many common diseases

Formulated to maximize performance of dairy cattle, Professional Dairy Pasture Mixture is a specially selected blend of unique, high-quality grasses, clovers and alfalfas that provides a balance of exceptional yield, nutrition, stand persistence and disease resistance. This mixture was created to meet the needs of producers who want to optimize animal performance and maximize per-acre return.

Planting specifications

Seeding rates:

  • 20-25 pounds per acre
  • 15 pounds per acre – overseeding

Seeding dates:

  • Fall or early Spring

Available Ingredients

  • Enhance endophyte-free tall fescue
  • Extend orchardgrass
  • Summit timothy
  • Pinnacle ladino clover
  • FSG 408DP alfalfa
  • Grand Daddy perennial ryegrass
  • FSG 9601 red clover
  • Marathon reed canarygrass

Not all products will be a part of every mix.