• Significant tolerance to southern root-knot nematodes
  • High forage yield potential
  • Superior persistence
  • Released by the University of Florida, selected from Osceola
  • Adapted to southeast and transition zones

Ocoee is a new, elite ladino clover with significant tolerance to southern root-knot nematodes. This tolerance translates into increased stand longevity for farmers in areas where nematodes cause reductions in yields and contribute to stand decline. Released by the University of Florida, Ocoee is the result of breeding work to develop a variety combining the positive attributes of Osceola with improved tolerance to southern root-knot nematodes. Ocoee is widely adapted and will thrive in the southeast and transition regions of the US. Increased forage quality, high yield potential and stand longevity are important characteristics of Ocoee and make it an ideal choice for pasture or hay operations. Ocoee offers many benefits when overseeded into established grass pastures including improved animal performance, increased yields and nitrogen supplied to companion grasses via nitrogen fixation.

Planting Rate: 4-6 Pounds/Acre
Seeding Dates: (Spring) February-May
Seeding Dates: (Fall) August-October
Primary Use: Hay/Pasture
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