ASP3316HS is an elite, turf-type perennial ryegrass that was specifically designed for bermudagrass overseeding and as a nurse grass in cool season mixes. Characteristics include exceptional leaf texture, superior density, a dark green genetic color and improved mowing quality but with faster establishment and a more consistent transition back to warm season grasses than standard perennial ryegrass varieties. In addition, ASP3316HS thrives throughout the winter months and maintains its color better than standard perennial ryegrass varieties. Currently many turf managers use herbicides to kill the perennial ryegrass to give the bermudagrass a head start on spring green-up, ASP3316HS will aid in that process by transitioning better and more completely. In the past few years intermediate ryegrass has become popular due to its improved transition but it does not provide the turf quality or playing surface of perennial ryegrass and its growth rate is much higher requiring more frequent mowing. ASP3316HS is a true perennial ryegrass that was selected for its strong seedling vigor, fast establishment and improved transition while providing the superior turf quality turf managers are accustomed to from our ASP perennial ryegrasses.


  • Commercial/Residential lawns
  • Athletic fields
  • Golf courses
  • Recreation areas
  • Parks/Cemeteries
  • Sod production
  • Winter overseeding (golf/athletic fields/lawns)


  • Planting Rate (new): 6-10 lbs./1000 square feet; (existing): 4-5 lbs./1000 square feet; (overseeding): 10-30+ lbs./1000 square feet
  • Planting Dates (spring): March-May; (fall): August-September
  • Soil pH: 5.5-7.5
  • Mowing Height: 1-2 inches; will tolerate heights down to 0.125 inch under proper management (golf greens)
  • Fertility: 3-7 lbs. N/year (refer to soil test for exact amounts needed)